How to Install Ecommerce Store theme for xerochat

Xerochat Store front end is a modified file for xerochat ecommerce, it’s not addon. we have modified layout for mobile and desktop view for our own use and alot of user of xerochat has been interested and need it too for their website so we decide to share it with all of you with low price and it’s can save a lot of time for you modified yourself.

for installation it’s easy just
login to your cPanel >go to your xerochat installation directory and upload my zip file here then unzip it. That ok now, go to your store and refresh it. nice! now you have new look for your store theme 🙂

Watch the video below to learn how to install Ecommerce theme


Watch the video below to learn How to Revert back to original Xerochat Ecommerce theme


Frequently asked questions

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

That’s common question, we not do it with just only css, we change all layout, style, div but we keep all function from original xerochat. and xerochat is not support ecommerce store front end theme yet

Not every update of xerochat are effect, it’s effect only when xerochat update in ecommerce file, file we are modified in ecommerce folder and helper folder

As we use for our website, we will try to do it fast as much as we can for support with xerochat update, normal with 2 or 3 days depend on xerochat update file and function, it’s can be lease then this.